Here is a little insight to Blackwood Chesapeakes -
  After researching the breed for a couple years and contacting several out of state breeders, I made the trip to meet Patsy Barber (Chesabar Kennels) to pick up my first female pup. Quickly I was hooked on the breed and purchased 3 more from Patsy in the next few years to start my own breeding program. 
  I made my breeder choice based on a few things I wanted to build a successful program on- first 3 most important things temperament, health and structure, followed by meeting the breed standard, drive, natural instinct and trainability. With these tools in hand and a fantastic mentor by my side I was ready!! Patsy was an invaluable resource, dear friend and 2nd mother (she and Rudy never had children) over the years and always told me how impressed she was with my desire to succeed and my dedication to meeting all the goals I had set. I thank God every day for everything she taught me, the way she encouraged me and all the positive guidance she gave. Unfortunately after a 6yr battle with cancer, she passed away Aug 2012.

 Needless to say I am blessed to have had her 13 yrs!!

I have built an incredible breeding program that I am so very proud of, dogs who meet the AKC breed standard and are wonderful family pets as well as talented in the field. I am a longtime member of the American Chesapeake Club and a Hunting Retriever Club member as well. Check out the website and hope to add you to the Blackwood family!